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Hello Everyone!

How are yall doing today? I hope you're doing excellent. Today I want to mention a few books that I think EVERYONE should read, and I'll also tell my reason why. The three books are:

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

E-Commerce Evolved by Tanner Larsson

(You Will) Never Work Again by Erlend Bakke   

I first read The Total Money Makeover  a few years back, but I still find myself cracking it back open lately for a few pointers here and there. Dave deeply discusses the risks and downfalls that can happen when dealing with debt. He also suggests ways to manage your debt, such as "The Snowball Method", which is basically aggressively paying off your debt. Starting with the smallest items first, then constantly building up momentum until you're debt free. Please add this to your collection.

E-Commerce Evolved gave me all the tools, guidance, and confidence I needed to start my business, Gadget Habits. I never knew what an "upsell" was before I read this book, but we've been hearing them all of our life. One of the most famous upsells is "Would you like fries with that"  used by McDonalds'. An upsell is an attempt to sell a customer a similar or companion item with a purchase. If you want to know about e-commerce, this is the book for you. 

 After seeing the title, Never Work Again, I had to make sure to purchase the book for a few gems. The authors doesn't just tell you to quit your job, but offers different outlooks that can lead you to earning more with more freedom. This book is full of treats like blueprints and exercises to ignite your mind. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and please do yourself a favor and check out one  of these great books (if not all).

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