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Toilet Seat LED Light

Who knew bathroom breaks could be so FUN?
  • Bring excitement to your bathroom with a Toilet Seat LED light.
  • Great for potty training toddlers as well as teaching them colors.
  • No more blinding lights at night
  • 8 Vibrant colors 

Easy installation

Requires 3 AA batteries


1:This light Only activates in darkness.

2: Need 3x AA Batteries (the battery are not Includes), AA battery has long use time than AAA batteries.

3. 8 Color Home Toilet Bathroom Human Body Auto Motion Sensor Seat Light Night Lamp.

Color Select Mode: to select a fixed color, hold down the button until LED blinks blue, Click button to select desired color. Wait a few seconds until LED flashes 1x

Adjust Brightness– click button to cycle through 5 brightness levels.

TURN ON AND OFF- Turn ON with 5 seconds press till blinks RED, and easily to turn off with another 5 seconds press till blinks RED


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